The Leap to Know pre-literacy app 

The Leap to Know pre-literacy app is an interactive school-readiness programme. It works off-line on Android tablets. A team of experienced teachers, content specialists and developers is responsible for its ongoing development. The app targets pre-literacy children (even older ones) who may not have played on a tablet before. Children who need to develop their English listening, speaking and reading skills will benefit from the app too.

Field tests have shown that the app engages learners effectively. The app is also fully intuitive so that learners can proceed without the help of an adult. Stories provide the context for the interactive activities and games that follow

The app can furthermore monitor individual progress. The learner’s progress to the next level then only happens when certain building blocks are in place.  The Leap to Know pre-literacy app comprises the first phase of our planned programme.


Measurable outcomes

Completing the Leap to Know pre-literacy app will ensure the following measurable outcomes:

  • Entrenched understanding of numbers, shapes, and colours
  • Awareness of letter-sound relationships
  • Text awareness
  • Vocabulary enhancement
  • Improved listening skills
  • Improved perceptual and fine motor skills
  • Enhanced interest in the immediate surroundings
  • Enhanced academic confidence.

Each learner equipped with the above-mentioned skills has a substantially better chance of passing Foundation Phase with success and, consequently, of excelling in the higher grades. This app is therefore an important stepping stone for children who do not have the opportunity to develop the necessary skills before they start formal schooling.



The pre-literacy app is available in English and Swahili. It can easily be translated and configured for use in different languages. Our content has now also been translated into Setswana, Sepedi and Afrikaans. A database configuration enables quick translation into other languages.


Continued development

The entire Leap to Know app, once fully developed, will guide young learners to teach themselves reading, writing and numeracy skills. We are furthermore positioned to test the app in various venues, gather information about user interaction from the app and improve it on a continuous basis.

Swahili-speaking girls reading a Leap to Know story