Technology as a learning tool during the Covid-19 pandemic

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The South African educational sector currently faces multiple challenges. At Leap to Know we do all we can to stay informed of the impact of Covid-19 and Lockdown on our children.

Dr Zahraa McDonald, a South African researcher, warns that the gap between the rich and the poor is expanding at an alarming rate because of the current circumstances. Only around 20% of South African children have the means to attend online classes. This 20% can further their education while the rest lag behind until schools fully reopen. It is therefore also the technology gap that widens as we speak…

The vital importance of proper education for first graders is common knowledge. However, this group is arguably the most neglected at the moment. We believe there should be alternative ways to ensure that all school starters receive the necessary foundational input. Now, more than ever, cost-effective technology can be a viable solution to prevent young children from being left behind.

Leap to Know is proud to be a part of technology as a solution. Our winning software functions off-line on cheap but robust tablets. Many children can progress on one tablet – each at his or her own pace. This makes our solution even more cost-effective.

However, the implementation of software in schools demand planning, discipline and commitment. Leap to Know has now started to partner with organisations to enable effective implementation of technology in different environments. A principal at one of the schools with whom we partner, recently said, “We can resist it or embrace it – but technology is here to stay.” We hope more leaders in education will collaborate to make the very necessary U-turn happen.